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Hi All,

Just a quick reasurance that "behind the scenes" various co-ordinators are still busy attempting to keep in contact with our members that would normally regular  be out with us walking & attending pub meals along with socialising. Tentatively we had a "pre resumption" exploritory walk SATURDAY 11TH JULY 2020 visiting the TOOT & MARSH BALDON area, south of OXFORD.

To start with, several apologies, which are probably general for all GOC Groups at this time.

Due to there being only 6 members able to attend an event, obviously those "In the know" will get their names down on the list. It might seem like favouritism, it's not, we are having to find our feet, under understand new rules. We are not abandoning you, I am sure that as time goes by we will be permitted to increase the number.

The important thing we learnt was that each of our members are at "different stages" with this pandemic. We soon discovered we had to be super tolerant of each others wishes. Some of our members have already experienced some easing of restrictions, having been out shopping, cycle rides, walks etc. For others this was the first time out in weeks, their wish to wear face coverings, gloves, & strict maximum social distancing, offer "trailing behind" or "full steam ahead". With a lot of "high volume" almost shouting at each other.

Another observation, is be very aware of the "landscape you are travelling through" at one village we followed a "Public Common Right of Way" seeing 6 "strangers" fully or partly face masked cause a resident to say that "You have no right to be here".

We experimented with a "visit" to the local pub. Our original walk had a pre booked table for 10. Obviously canceled, we "checked them out" the pub would have been more than happy to have entertained us both indoors, & out. This time we opted for our own picnic with purchasing drinks to consume on the village green. Having been a successful "lunch" our members we more relaxed checking out the pub garden, now wishing they had had a "garden meal & drinks". Something planned for future events.

Clearly those that attended had a great time, by the end were considerably more relaxed then when we started. Hopefully we can encourage those that missed this "pre walk" to join us for further ramblings.

Regards, Bill & Paul

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