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Ferryside in Carmarthenshire

Our first adventure of 2018 turned into a sunny affair down at the seaside at Ferryside in Carmarthenshire.

15 people assembled ready to start the New Year off in style.

Part of this walk involved a stroll along the beach which could have been done at the beginning or the end.

As it was high tide, this decision was made for us and we started off inland with the beach stroll left to the very end of the walk.

From the start, we had great views, at first over to Llansteffan and as we climbed up through a field the views increased, to further down the Towy Estuary and further west towards Laugharne and Pendine.

We went near a farm estate with impressive large building with a huge door that you could imagine a  coach and horses driving through.This building also had a lovely clock perched on the top.

We carried on and descended down to a lovely woodland and up the other side where we could see our destination for lunch, the lovely church at Llansaint.

Soon we arrived and sat in the sun eating our packed lunches.

Aferwards we walked down a very muddy track and onto a lane headed towards a caravan park by the sea. Now the views were over to Gower, and Rhossili and Worms Head in particular stood out.

To enter the caravan park we had to walk under a railway tunnel.With all the recent rain the ground here was quite wet and muddy and as I went first it started inching up my boots.Luckily it finished about three quarters of the way up, not going over the top to give us wet feet.

People followed gingerly behind me.

Some who had shoes instead of boots on, and their best trousers were reluctant to walk through the wet and decided instead to continue along the road--a breakaway group "The Ferryside Five"

With most of us continuing through the very quiet and empty caravan park we viewed the vans and in particular the closeness of them to the shore line.It just needed one big wave. . . . . . . . .

Very soon we could hear "The Ferryside Five"  chatting away as they walked on the lane but we couldn;t see them as a large hedge was in the way.

After exiting the caravan park we walked on some lovely sand dunes and then crossed the railway line and met up with our breakaway friends again.

We came to St Ishmaels church and had a little stop for refreshments. 

Then we continued along the lane negotiating a very icy part safely and made our way across the railway line again and onto the beach.

The sea was now a long way out but the sun was still shining bright as we wandered back along the beach to our cars.

What a great way to start 2018.

Many thanks to everyone who supported this walk in a most beautiful area and I look forward to the next one and to all the other lovely events we have lined up this year.


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