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Evolving Through Shrewsbury

Our Saturday Shrewsbury town walk started with a sprint to Telford Station. Thankfully everyone got to the platform with just over a minute to spare for our short train ride to historic Shrewsbury, birthplace of Charles Darwin.

During our walk we were trying to show off some of the best bits of this pretty town to our AOG guests. The walk had plenty of stops to explain the history of the areas we visited (if you’d like to read the full details please click Link to Infopoints above). I’ve listed the highlights below.

Our walk took us from the station, up to see the Prison and Butter-market. We then came along the castle mound, down to the Castlegate Houses and the Library. Here we posed in-front of the towns Charles Darwin Statue. We visited Council House Court, the seat of the Council of the Marches, then via “Shuts” and alleys to St Mary’s Church, Newport House and Lions Hotel.

Crossing the River Severn at English Bridge we walked up to the Abbey and stopped in the churchyard to view the Wilfred Owen Memorial before moving on to catch a view of Lord Hill’s very impressive monument.

Then back to the river at Castle Walk Footbridge and along the river to Traitors Gate and back into town for lunch via Butchers Row, Bear Steps, Fish Street and Grope Alley!

After lunch we visited the site of Old St Chads then along the town wall to Kingsland Toll Bridge and along the river, rising to Shrewsbury School and a fabulous view of the town below us, which managed to elicit gasps of amazement from some of our walkers.

Moving on we crossed the river one last time into The Quarry dropping into the Dingle and Percy Thrower Garden. Up to the new St. Chads with a visit to the graveyard and an unexpected gravestone. Coming out of the churchyard we passed Charles Darwin’s Birthplace which I pointed out to our walkers. Three Shrewsbury School pupils walked past as I gave my InfoPoint. I overheard one say “I didn’t know that!” – My work here was done.

Walking back to the Station we passed Rawley’s House and the Welsh bridge. Some of us took tea and cake opposite the station while the remainder caught the train back to Telford. We were lucky throughout the day with only very light rain showers right up to the point at which we left the station when we were drenched on our short walk back to campus.

I hope all the participants learned a little about the town during the day. I know some went back the following day to re-visit some of the sites, so I don’t think I put them off.

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