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Dorset Group: Lewesdon Hill/Stoke Abbott 10/09/2017

An uncertain forecast and the distance from main centres of population meant that only 5 of us made it to the walk up Lewesdon Hill.  Still, one member made it from the other end of the county, despite suffering from toothache. Yes, we like to see fortitude from our members. Incidentally, one of the aims of the walk was to climb to the highest point in Dorset according to some - a claim hotly disputed by Pilsdon Pen and Bulbarrow Hill. Either way, there are only a few feet in it.  Whatever the case, this was a great point for the all-round views, and we were even able to make out the coast clearly, despite the mists.  The good wooded paths down the sides of the hill formed a welcome windbreak for the party.  We  had a jolly and fairly quick lunch break at the New Inn,  Stoke Abbott, a very pretty little village. After lunch, we cut the walk short after getting our trousers soaked wading through paths covered with rain-drenched dock leaves.  We took a couple of back lanes to avoid a hill a muddy slide down the other side. Despite the weather, this small intimate group enjoyed the challenge and each other's company.  Walk leader, Dickie - adapted and corrupted by Ron. Some photos to follow later.

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