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Dorset Group – Eggardon Hill walk 10th April 2016

On 10th April the Dorset GOC group was in the western end of the county on a walk which centred on the iron age fort at Eggardon Hill.

We had overall very good walking weather but the abundance of cloud meant that we couldn't enjoy the excellent views from this high spot. From the top, we walked down through attractive farmland and arrived at the charming village of Powerstock for lunch. On the way for a very short distance we used the old railway track of the former Maiden Newton to Bridport line. Quite a few of us (22 on the walk) had never seen this little corner of the county with the old railway station at Nettlecombe now converted into a home.

After lunch we took a long swoop to the west and round to the north, returning south to Eggardon via large comfortable-looking farms. The path took us up some impressive chalk gulleys which lent a sense of adventure to the expedition as many of us had not seen these fern strewn paths. This area north of Powerstock is cared for, boasting both Beningfield Wood and South Poorton Nature Reserve.

Heading back to the cars, there was no time for a rest, as rain was threatening. We made the last leg back up to the ancient fort under threatening clouds and for the last few hundred yards we were suddenly lashed by a freezing downpour. We scattered unceremoniously but I think the company was pleased with the day. We certainly covered 9 miles, perhaps even a bit more. And we shall all be coming back for further innocent adventures in the Dorset outback.

Dickie (leader for the day).

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