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Dorset Group: 9 Sep 18

A band of 15 plus a dog, ably led by David C, set off through gradually improving weather; which ended in a pleasantly sunny and warm afternoon. We stopped after an hour for a drink and some serious blackberry picking before descending into woods and then the village of Durweston. More fruit-laden paths took us to a terraced hillside where we had a leisurely lunch, watching a sheep migration (almost a murmuration) in the valley below, our dog straining at the leash to go and round them up.

More varied countryside followed and a field had to be crossed which had recently been muck spread (and was still going on in adjacent fields). Finally we had to cross a couple of fields in which inquisitive horses were reluctant to give us passage as we had to unhook several electric fences to get past them and they tried to take advantage. The whole walk was conducted at a leisurely pace and was enjoyed by all, a few repairing to the pub for refreshment before travelling home.

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