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Dorset Group 25Jul19: Gussage All Saints and the Dorset Cursus

On the hottest day of the year so far 5 brave souls assembled in Gussage All Saints for a 6 mile stroll around the hidden vales of northeast Dorset. Having traversed ancient lanes bespeckled with numerous butterflies, golden fields of corn with leaping deer and thickly coppiced woodland we emerged onto the ancient roman road of Ackling Dyke (which once connected ancient Salisbury with Badbury Rings Hillfort).

Here the remains of a roman settlement are said to be haunted by the ghosts of roman soldiers but we only discovered a pen of rather well endowed rams! We continued along the ridge with commanding views in all directions to reach a stone age Long Barrow and iron age Tumulus along side the Dorset Cursus (a stone age ditch now submerged beneath the cornfields).

Here Derek demonstrated the art of dowsing in an attempt to trace ancient leylines whilst we enjoyed a refreshment break. Our return through golden corn fields, ancient byways and pocket woodlands culminated in the pretty hamlet of Gussage All Saints and a welcome pint at the Drover's Inn!

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