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Dorset Group 20 May 21: Wimborne Watermeadows

On a blustery autumnal day our brave band of 17 plus Charlie the dog assembled on Pamphill Green. Our leader Derek guided us through the bluebells down ancient All Fools Lane to reach the hamlet of Cowgrove. A stroll across Cowgrove Common brought us to the banks of the River Stour.

We followed the Stour to reach Eye Bridge where we could cross over to tread the course of a Roman Road across the meadows towards Merley. On firmer ground along a quiet lane we passed the 19th century picturesque cottages commissioned by Lady Wimborne for her estate workers.

Reaching the outskirts of Wimborne Minster we continued to follow the river passing the ruins of Lady Wimborne's private bridge to reach the boathouse at Canford School. Here we used the rope bridge to cross over again and return towards Wimborne stopping for our picnic at a stone circle.

Showers and drizzle now turned to persistent rain so we hot footed it back through Wimborne Minster and up to Pamphill Green. We were able to dry off at the walks end at the Vine Pub sheltering under an enormous grapevine to enjoy a welcome pint.

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