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Dorset Group 15 Apr 21: Wareham Forest: Lawson Clump & Morden Bog

On a crisp spring day with gin blue skies our band of 15 gathered at Lawson Clump in the heart of Wareham Forest. Ably led by Laurence B we crossed the ancient heath of Great Ovens Hill picking up the Poole Harbour Trail to enter Morden Bog Nature Reserve.

Sticking to the trail to avoid the treacherous swamp we circumvented the bog pushing deeper into the forest. A brief climb provided some commanding views before we emerged onto the lawns of a ruined house at the forest edge.

We picniced on the lawn surrounded by the last of the daffodils admiring the first of this year's butterflies. Our return through deciduous woodland led us along the Sherford river into an attractive winding trail through Lawson Clump.

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