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Dorset Group 12 May 2019: Pilsdon Pen

On a beautiful sunny spring day we scaled Pilsdon Pen, one of the many ancient hill forts in the county, in dry weather with good conditions underfoot. We started from our leader's country cottage on Laverstock Farm just below the south side of the Pen; passing through the remote Pilsdon Community Retreat and Chapel, we traced a long sloping arch to the west and north avoiding any abupt climbs; although at 277m it was hardly a mountain!

Our band of 16 enjoyed remarkable views (kindly photographed by Laurence) all the way to the flat top where we could see Blackmore Vale (Hardy's Vale of Blackmoor) and neighbouring counties to the north and west as well as south to the Jurassic Coast. After a lazy picnic we tramped down the more abrupt eastern side of this natural escarpment, passing through farms and fields of firstly frisky bullocks then attentive young cows with a bull in their midst, where we kept our distance.

It was a leisurely walk all told: nobody wanted to rush his delicious scenery and warm, gentle sunshine. On returning to our leader's cottage we enjoyed tea and cake on the lawn plus scones and trifle kindly provided by some participants. A classic day in the country!

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