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Dorset Group 11Aug19: Stone Circles, Long Barrows and Sarsen Stones

On a bright blustery day our band of 10 boys and a girl assembled on Black Down in the shadow of the Hardy Monument. Having traversed the surrounding woodland we emerged onto the ancient Dorset Ridgeway to admire the numerous neolithic monuments scattered along its path.

Starting at the Hellstone (a remote sarsen stone), and then on to the Mare and her Colts (a long barrow) and finally the Kingston Stone Circle where we enjoyed a picnic with commanding views down to Chesil Beach. At each location our leader Derek demonstrated the art of dowsing (identifying the ancient leylines which often intersect at neolithic sites) with his rods and gave everyone the chance to try for themselves.

Suitably refreshed we descended into the remote Brid Valley following the course of the river upstream through sheep and cattle to finally reach the pretty hamlet of Littlebredy. Here we admired the river source at the village pond and then enjoyed a sumptuous cream tea in the beautiful walled garden. Our walk concluded with a stroll up the Valley of the Stones (a remnant of the Ice Age) returning to Black Down.


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