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Cudham and Knockholt Pound

<2>Cudham and Knockholt Pound - 25Aug2013

Our thanks go to Judy for leading us on a 9 mile walk through the delightful countryside of Kent. The sun was shining, birds were singing, cows were lowing and the bees were humming a snippet of Handel (Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne if I am not mistaken) - a perfect summers day in anyones book.

Thanks to those who contributed cake and tea for us to share after the walk

Macaroons       Richard Dorling

Upside-down Apple       Alice

Iced Lemon Drizzle      Alice

Rock Cakes      Nigel Brock

Fruit Cake      Tim Coward

Carrot Cake     James Wood

Orange Almond cake      Gordon Pullenger

Thank you for your donations towards GMFA Sports Day. We raised an additional £40 which took the Surrey group donation to over £100. The team had a good time on the day but sadly were not a match for all the hotties fresh from bank holiday clubbing.

Dont forget to check your diary to see when you are free to lead a Surrey walk in 2014 and get back to us with your dates.


Pat 'n' Richard

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