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Cornwall – Carn Marth – April 2015

One thing you can be assured of is that the names of our Cornish walks are like no others 

in GB. The official title was "In search of Easter Bunnies". In reality it was “A walk 

around Carn Marth.”

Most members had heard of Carn Brea (a very important hill with a castle and monument 

- superb views of west Cornwall from every angle) but now we were faced with Carn 

Marth and I'd reckon only a few of the walkers had an inkling of what they were letting 

themselves in for. Naturally our "Bunny Seekers" are now experts on the subject. Allow 

me to share their knowledge with you all:

Carn Marth lies a couple of miles southeast of Redruth and is one of the series of ancient 

hills that run down the backbone of Cornwall stretching all the way to Lands End. 

Throughout the ages these hills have attracted civilisations. Before the Bronze Age 

these hills were a place of safety as the height allowed an all round view and warning of 

approaching marauders. In more recent times they have been perfect sites for beacons to 

warn off impending attack, mark victories and celebrations of all sorts.

With all this history supporting us Simon and Steve led an intrepid band of 29 walkers on 

a 7 mile ramble which included the ancient mining trails and Gwennap Pit – where Wesley 

preached to many hundreds, open air: we passed flooded quarries where one could fish 

and even a natural amphitheatre for open-air performances. We walked high hills and low 

valleys, roads and lanes. We enjoyed 360 degree views of the area from coast to coast. It 

was our pleasure to walk these ancient paths and to be stunned by the beauty of springtime 

in Cornwall.

T. J.

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