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Christmas on Hampstead Heath, December 11 2011

I wasn't able to make the walk, long story involving a chair that decided to go AWOL, my bottom and the floor, probably more information than you need!  Anyway event lead,  Fraser Borwick wrote the following of the day, in his usual excellent summing up:

"It was a pleasant walk with several new members. 21 people turned up (down from the 35 threatened) and so I had to revise down the Pizza Express Order from 25 to 12 when we got to Ally Pally, but then 14 came to the restaurant. PE were very accommodating and the Pizza was delicious. Adjourned to the William IV afterwards for more chat.

Very international crowd from all over Europe, and also Colombia and Lithuania. Brilliant conversation as per usual ranging from the demise of Edward II, to Derek Jarman, the recent strike, international travel, the current Leonardo exhibition, the forthcoming Turner exhibition, the Arts Fund, Degas, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and the Scissor Sisters, in no particular order.

Had pleasant weather - not sunny, but not raining. Ally Pally was good with a toilet stop and view of the great hall and the willis organ and the site of the World's first TV broadcast in 1936.

Passed Dennis Neilsen's House where he murdered 18 young men and one of our group once stayed in a house where DN had lived, and new about his story because of all the visitors who came to inspect the garden!!

Michael Buckland joined us for the walk and peeled off at Highgate to join ANOTHER walk! He was most helpful and suportive.

Half a dozen availed themselves of the breakfast option at Wetherspoons which was rather pleasant. A surprise to me as so many of them are not enticing. It was warm with good views of the street, decent tea and clean toilets.

The walk across Hampstead Heath was brilliant with lots of views over the various ponds on the east and west sides of the Heath and magnificent oaks in proud silhouette against steely skies. 

We arrived at last at Parliament Hill (where the Twilight Barking took place in the "101 Dalmations" and were shocked at how the Shard totally dwarves St Paul's. St Paul's may seem huge when you are close up, but from that viewpoint the Shard is many times higher, demonstrating the shift in comparative power between the church and money in the 21st Century!!

All in all, very pleasant - and we had four women on the walk, a vast improvement!"

Unfortunately we have only a couple of pictures to supplement here but if anyone has any that are suitable then please email me below and we can arrange their transfer.

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