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Chilham Five Churches Walk

A poor weather forecast and the prospect of 16 miles walking didn't put off 20+ guys turning up for East Kent's annual participation in the public Five Churches walk.

Apart from being in some of the nicest countryside in Kent and always giving a good show of bluebells, the other attraction of the walk is having tea, sandwiches and cake at every church.

The walk to the first church was short so we just stopped to use the facilities but people found that they were serving freshly made bacon butties so it will be a proper stop in future!

The first hill followed, together with some spasmodic rain, causing people to put on and then take off their rainproofs. Jeremy in particular proved adept at putting on his overtrousers just as the rain stopped.

The first proper stop at 5 miles gave a chance to fill up before a rather muddy trek to the next church, but after that the weather got much better and the tracks drier.

The last section was the longest but fortunately the final church was still serving tea and the pub was open. All in all, another great day and rest assured that we will be back next May Bank Holiday to do it all again.

Thanks to Robert Pritchard for the photos.

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