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Carreg Cennen Castle short summer walk plus meal

We thought we would try something different, something, in-between the summer evening walks we put on the calendar and our normal monthly walk and it turned into a great success.

Colin and John came up with the perfect venue for the walk and kindly agreed to lead it, and recommended a local pub close by, where I stepped in, making the arrangements for that--good teamwork!!

This proved popular and we were well into double figures with some of the South Wales group joining us and Di, a new woman member, joined us for the first time and was given a good welcome.

As the Castle car park was closing particularly early for a summer month, we met at the pub car park

sharing cars to drive to a layby near the Castle, just a few minutes away.

After a wet day the day before, and a wet one forecast for the day after, we were so lucky yet again to have a dry and sunny one, if a little cool in places, for this walk.

The Castle is quite a foreboding sight high on a hill.

We set off for the shorter than usual walk--5miles--across fields.We had been warned in advance of a slippery descent and a river to cross which may cause some problems after all the heavy rain we'd had recently.

Very soon we came to the very muddy bit, where it might have been easier to slither down on one's bottom but as we were socialising later we crept cautiously down the wet and very slippery muddy terrain.People who had brought walking sticks found them very handy and also Neil B's outstretched hand was very gratefully grasped by most of us.

Down on terra firma we began a steep ascent over another field where we had a great view up at the Castle perched on high.

We continued through greenery soon coming to the fast flowing river which we had to cross.

It was only inches deep in places and as usual the women waded across whilst most of the men teetered on high banks and balanced precariously on logs, trying hard NOT to get their toes wet!!

When we were all safely across we soon came to a short path veering off where some of us went to see the source of the River Loughor coming out of a cave.

Continuing our circular route we crossed on a lovely wooden bridge and had another steep climb to emerge right by the Castle with the car park in sight signifying the end of the walk.

Apart from Liz who had to rush off, we all drove back to the pub for the socialising.

We had a lovely welcome from the owner and our pre-ordered meals arrived in quick time considering the pub was very busy and they had had some staff problems.

The landlady/owner did a really good job seemingly rushing here, there and everywhere, keeping everybody happy.

We sat eating, drinking, chatting and having a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

At the end of the evening we all dispersed, making our way home to all points of the compass.

This was a most successful and enjoyable event and one we will definitely repeat.

If anyone has a suggestion for another venue to put on something similar, for a future date, please let me know.

This might also work well on a nice winters day?!



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