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Bentley Pauncefoot 18/10/20

Following a couple of initial hitches, the re-routing of the walk due to a stile being impassible, then the road was closed on one approach to the rendezvous point causing a delay to arrivals, the group of 5 commenced the walk led by Chris T. Immediately  one members (unused for sometime) walking boots promptly fell apart. So with 3 events now behind us we set off down a lane to our first but only muddy encounter to access a field with no options to avoid the mud especially as we were limited for scope by a herd of not for moving cows who probably didn't appreciate what our problem was since they were standing in it. We made light of that and from then on it was a gentle stroll across open fields with few stiles and areas where there would have been good views normally of the Malverns and Bredon Hill but for the haziness of the distant mist. We could make out the masts of Wychbold though and it did not impair our nearer views across open countryside. There we a couple of short stretches through coppices and we were near the site of a double moated house. Our lunch stop was half way up a short incline giving further views and we had made good progress and slightly ahead of time possibly due to the ease of the walk. We had to walk alongside the garden of 'sling cottage' . There was no external clue apparent to us as for it's naming. The only unusual encounter we made was on the lawn of the rear garden where our path was crossed by a robotic lawn cutter. The rest of the walk was uneventful and we glided along this easy route in mild and rain free conditions until re-encountering the same initial herd of cows who hadn't really moved at all. It felt like more of a stroll in the countryside as we ambled back to the start point.

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