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Autumn Cycling and Walking Week, Mallorca October 2018

Autumn Cycling and Walking Week, Mallorca October 2018

13th to 21st October 2018


This year we were a group of 41 members, and a mix of walkers and cyclists. For the cyclists after starting the week all together for the prolog ride to get to know each other we split for the rest of the week into 2 or three groups. We then covered the range of cycling, either enjoying some of the mauntin climbs or keeping to the rolling countryside. The walkers had one official group but a few split off for a minor walk.

While the weather in the Mallorca autumn is still rather pleasantly warm and sunny we did get a tail of one of the storms that have hit Europe and had a few days with some rain, but none that stopped all activity. 

While down in the resort it is still summer. The beach and sea were very popular after the days' rides or walks. Meanwhile once up the mountains the feel and colour or autumn is there to enjoy. Nothing like a long downhill ride through ripe vineyards.


The next club trip to Mallorca will be next Spring April 2019


Peter Impey

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