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North Elmham

23 Apr 2017 | Norfolk Group

12 members turned up for a 6 mile walk starting from the North Elmham Tennis Club car park.

The first call was the North Elmham chapel ruins where the group enjoyed looking around the site. The walk went across fields to pick up a path on a old railway line that took us to County School railway station.

County School we learnt was the site of a naval training school for boys.

Some members took advantage of the Mid Norfolk Railway pump trolley offer. So, while some members of the group sat on a bench having lunch other members were being vigerous in pumping a trolley and down a section of railway track. We feel this must be a first for the Norfolk group.

After lunch the walk followed the track bed for a short while before moving onto paths and quiet roads to get back to the start point.

During the walk a member spotted a kestrel and another member saw a rare plant.

All the group enjoyed the walk and many thanks to Russell for organising it.

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