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AOG Weekend 2011

A very successful weekend was had by all at the Annual Outdoor Gathering (AOG) and fortunately the weather behaved admirably.  Based at the University of Surrey in Guildford, 150+ members had a great time socialising with a dance, quiz night and general merriment, even the AGM passed without too much affray.  Twenty events (mainly walks, also a couple of cycle rides) were arranged for the weekend (a massive thank you to Olawale), with 2 being organised on behalf of the London Group.  Some walks commenced well away from Guildford, both of ours commenced at Guildford Station so day trippers could join.  Saturday's walk was eleven miles, attracting 12, taking on Guildford castle, Martha's peak and church, Blackheath Common and several other peaks allowing stunning views over the Surrey countryside and ending with a gentle path beside the canal back to Guildford.  We saw the original golden sands adjacent to the river Wey from which the name Guildford was derived.  An unamed person managed to loose his trousers......well, almost became legless, enough said really!   Sunday's walk was a civilised 8 miles and attracted a larger crowd of about 50.  We had a great day walking to the south west of Guildford via Compton, again taking in waterways, forests, farmland, the delightful old Watt's cemetery and chapel  and the Watts gallery and being treated to endless mouthfuls of delicious blackberries on the way.  Closer to Guildford we visited the grave of Edward Carpenter, poet, philosopher and gay activist who died in 1929. 

A hearty thank you to Surrey and Sussex groups for organising a brilliant weekend!  Look out for details of next year's AOG on these pages or in your copy of 'Outdoors'!

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