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AOG Brown Clee

At 10.30 27 of us and a dog set off from the picnic area aside Brown Clee hill near to the village of Cleobury North a few miles west of Brignorth. After the long and hot weather there was a forecast of possible showers during the day with rain definitely by the afternoon. Whilst no one really wanted to be climbing hills in temperatures of late 20’s neither did we want to get rain and windswept in open hillside. After a gentle gradient climb amongst pastures used by sheep we were able to see across to the Wrekin landmark to the west of Telford where we had come from and make out the location of the Ironbridge Gorge.

We then picked up the last few yards of steep rise up hill to the top. Now tarmacked this directly vertical path was the former rail line used to move Limestone from the now disused quarries at the summit. Further remnants of the mine working and railway were visible on top of the hill. We made our way to the wireless station at Abdon Burt and the marker at the summit of this Shropshire’s highest hill. From here we had a clear view across Wenlock edge to the Long Mynd and beyond to the hills and mountains of wales. Here we took our morning break with the group nestling together in a hollow providing shelter from winds. We encountered a woman and her 2 children all on horseback. One of the children’s hat coverings had fallen to the ground near us so rather than them having to dismount one of our group returned it to them with their thanks.

We continued walking descending Brown Clee hill westward and on joining a lane came upon a red Ex GPO telephone box which had been turned into a mini library.

We continued across the former site of the medieval site of Abdon village over fields and a Holloway which ran through a garden of a house and down to a farm where the Kellogg’s cornflake style chickens were in their house but we saw a couple of them from the road.

Our path then took us up a long Holloway towards the foot of Clee Liberty hill where we planned a lunch stop. However dark rain clouds rapidly appeared and cows in an adjoining field ran for cover under a tree. We had good canopy cover and so decided to stop for lunch at this point in the dry as also there were quite a few available fallen tree branches for seats.

We continued the rain now ceased and after admiring an interesting old barrel as someone’s post box, situated at the corner of a lane we ascended Clee Liberty and took in the further views across to Long Mynd. At the summit and intersection of the Shropshire way we took in the memorial to aircraftmen both British and German who were killed in crashes on the hill during world war two.

We then began our gentle decent down past The Game covert noting the planted cedar and fir trees which had formed part of a previous estate and through Big wood and Stanbroughs wood. At this point it started to rain again and we sheltered for 10 minutes to let the worst go over before arriving back to the cars 10 minutes later and just as the rain became heavy again.

We ended the walk around 15.00 and several members took my advice and took afternoon tea in Bridgnorth reporting back to me that they had a very enjoyable time before returning to Telford.  

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