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Annual Exploration of Oxford City

Hi All,

Saturday 5th January's "Annual Ramble Around Oxford City Centre" turned into a more interesting walk than planned. Apart from our usual regular members (though some missed it due to other commitments, flu etc) we had five new visiting members from outside the district. (It would have been seven but two got delayed). The original plan was to skirt the historical features and head for the open parkland, with emphasis on "wall paintings" in Cowley Rd. Talking to our visitors they wanted a sight seeing exploration of the important historical buildings. Our local members gave valuable information on each feature we explored. Getting cold we made had a brisk walk to the highest point in South Park - unfortunately not finding our missing two guests. We headed back into the city to our favourite coaching Inn for lunch, chats, giving our new guests time to explore whatever had taken their fancy. A GOOD DAY OUT - Thinking on the hoof...

Thanks to all our regular walkers. Bill & Paul

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