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And then there were four (Wrong including FM – FIVE)

Well we expected everything to go wrong, surprisingly four of our most devoted members joined Frankie Monster for a wander around Lower Heyford. Started at 08.00am with a call from Paul (leader) he was ill. PANIC! Having reached the railway station decided to park at pub and walk back. HELP it was 10.15am. So back to station, NOBODY - (good we can do a village walk by ourselves). 10.31am train arrived and Andy & John (Reading) Chris (Marston) got out. Having loaded them into the van we returned to the pub, commencing our walk half an hour late. Thought our route involved a country lane, found a quiet parallel path. Across fields, along tow path - five or so miles and (half an hour late) returned to the pub for a great cheap meal & very strong cyder. Loaded everyone back in van (much to the disgusted of Frankie Monster) Returned to Marston and as I write Chris & Danny are entertaining their guests. Another great day out. Frankie Monster & Bill

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