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An “artful” visit to Carmarthen

This was an addition to our normal monthly events and something just a bit different.

Angela a friend of Russ, one of our West Wales members, decided to walk from Swansea to Middlesborough. On route she sent little bits and pieces she picked up along the way and sent back to an art gallery in Carmarthen where she currently had an exhibition.

I added a bit of a heritage trail around Carmarthen town centre and the nearby Carmarthen park.

We met up in the local gay run café in Carmarthen and then walked around the impressive buildings with a bit of a history talk on route. In Carmarthen park we could see the recently renovated velodrome (cycle track) and a stone circle from a previous Eisteddfod held in the town.

We then continued passing many local churches before returning to the town centre where we got to a car park where a trap door led to an underground nuclear bunker recently seen on tv.

St Peters, a lovely church was the last place on the route before we arrived at Oriel Myrddin the art gallery.

The art gallery provided teas and coffees and we ate our packed lunches and followed this with scrummy cake that Angela's husband had made.

She then gave us a talk about her work and encouraged our creative side to emerge, by having us retrace the route of our earlier heritage trail onto a large roll of paper, like a frieze.

Angela then took us downstairs to see the exhibition of her work.

She had used her various skills, knitting, crochet etc to add to the bits and pieces she had sent back from her walking route and these were mounted on a wall. She had also taken a soil sample from some of the places and had made them into balls, showing on a video how she had done this. These balls were so impressive and shiny and we would not have realised these were earth if we hadn't been told.

There were also photo's she'd taken and a plan of the route she'd walked.

We then had to do some writing related to a piece/pieces on the wall, to round off a lovely day which was  just a bit different and even the people who came, who had been a bit apprehensive about the arty part of the event, all found it very enjoyable.

Many thanks to Angela for inviting us and to Emily and Emma from Oriel Myrddin for their input into making this a lovely day.


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