A walk on Greenham Common

A group of 14 walkers met at Greenham Common Control Tower for a walk led by Ian Widdowson that took us around what was during the Cold War period an RAF base and which in the 80s was host for a while to the USAF and where nuclear weapons were stored in missile silos.  It was also the place where women protesters in the early 80s established a peace camp in protest against the storage of  nuclear weapons at Greenham air base.

Our walk started by walking down the remains of the main runway with storm clouds billowing above. Within minutes we were all thoroughly drenched but we soldiered on regardless and soon the sun came out and quickly dried us all. Passing meticulously maintained metal fencing we came upon a rusting piece of metal which was built to represent a C-130 aircraft and which was used for fire fighting training when the base was operational.

Leaving behind the Common we then headed through woods and more undulating countryside and eventually  returned to the control tower from whence we drove to the Swan at Newtown for our well earned supper.  Good food and good conversation were the order of the day.  All together a very enjoyable walk. Thanks to Ian for shepherding us around the Common on the first  walk he has led.


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