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A Sensationally Slick, Stupendously Sizzling, Sun Saturated, September Sunday Sussex Slog Satisfying Seventy Six……

Ok, there weren't 76, the sun must have gone to my head, but at least I have your attention!  Instead, 45 humans and one very energetic labrador, Mini, took on 10 miles of totally gorgeous Sussex countryside in the most delicious weather!  Could not have been a more perfect day!


The day was a combined GOC Sussex - London walk, hosted by the Sussex group, and led by the all round wonderful Steve Hayes, all round because he organised and led the day,  very kindly and fortunately (see later) provided maps of the route, made very suitable breaks along the way, and finally supplied us with enough tea to satisy all, and even made an apple cake (I suspect he had a hand in sorting the wonderful weather given the misery of the previous day, as well)!  Plus Steve had to accomodate some late changes on the day with Barry Scrase, who normally offers a shorter alternative route on the day, had to withdraw quite late. Wishing you the best Barry and your dog, if you are reading this.  This was a mirror of the area we did with the Sussex group in October last year, this time to the West of Balcombe.  We were taken through all the delights here - dark woods, open fields full of fat sheep and cattle, skirted the impressive Nymans gardens, passed massive mansions hidden behind lofty fences, and throughout the sun shone and shone! Lunch was beneath the massive St Mary's Church in Slaugham (mental note that must revist with nice looking pub to graze within), and then onwards through more of the same beautiful countryside. As always with GOC walks, there was lots of great chat, so much so, the back marker, (me!), got so engrossed in conversation, he managed to let a small gaggle of stragglers get lost behind, fortunately one of them had the blessed map Steve had shared at the start of the walk to get themselves back!  (Note here is to never allow Australians to be back markers!)  The day finished in typical GOC Sussex style with a feast of excellent cakes and biscuits provided by everyone, all washed down by a variety of teas.  Many of us grabbed the next train back to London town, lots more excellent chat, it was an all round fabulous day!  Thanks Steve, and GOC Sussex, and the gorgeous weather!  (Another note here to book Steve for 2017)!  


Enough of my rambling, the pictures tell much more, most my own, some from named and helpful souls!




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