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GOC Online Zoom Social 17 Feb 2022

A dozen members from far and wide gathered for our first Online group Zoom social

Thanks to the dozen or so members who gathered in Zoom last night for our first Online group Zoom social. We joined from as far afield as the north of Scotland, Devon, Cornwall, Newcastle, Cambridge, London, South Wales and Teesside - so we would not have met any other way for an hour on a Thursday night.

We quickly established that everyone had joined for the informal socialising rather than for support in hosting online events themselves. So after a quick round of introductions we focused in earnest on idle chit chat.  Who had already met whom, and when & where? Who would be going to Stirling for the Annual Outdoor Gathering in August? Were we cat people or dog people (or neither)?  How to get to an upcoming walk without a car (or a postcode)? We did also stray into pros and cons of Zoom and Wonder, and spent some time in randomly assigned small breakout groups for a more intimate social experience.

Do join us if you can for our next scheduled Zoom social on Monday 14 Mar from 7pm, and/or our Weekly Online Social every Tuesday night in Wonder from 8pm. For further details, and to host your own online events, see our Online group page and How to use Zoom and Wonder.

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