14 Oct 2023: Much Hadham and Bakers’ End (autumn time edition)

Event led by Martin T.
Attendance: 3 people.
Distance: shortened to 9.2 miles (14.8 km).
Time: start 11:06, end 15:14, lunch 21 minutes, other breaks included in walk-time.
Speed: moving arithmetic average 2.43 mph (3.92 kph).
Terrain: pavement, woodland track, farm track, field edge, road on footpath, bridleway, by-way and highway.
Elevation: low 57m, high 98m (as measured by GPS), start 62m.
Weather: ideal walking weather, sunny intervals, range between 9°C and 13°C, max 9mph westerly wind.
Number of sewage works: 0.
Number of churches: 2.
Number of golf courses: 0.


This walk was a circular route of 9.2 miles from Much Hadham, W to nr Latchford, S to nr Legges, E then NE to Much Hadham. The group elected to shorten the route from its original 11 miles distance by unanimous agreement. Originally designed as a route for springtime, a shorter route was viable for autumn.

The start point sat in a relatively deep valley, with an ascent of 37m over 1.75km, settled at an elevation of ~90m, then descended into the valley of the River Rib (~57m). Gradually peeling itself away from the valley, the route returned to an elevation of ~80m until the final descent to the start point.

Thus, the topology of the route provided some glorious middle-distance views from the higher, flatter elevations, intermingled with small settlements clumped together into the shelter of the valleys.

The weather was ideal walking weather, complete with excellent mid-October sunlight. Lowering in the sky, the sunlight resulted in longer shadows of trees and hedges still mainly in full green leaf. The “pale white” light brought out the best of the few colours to see in early autumn, showing the approaching bleakness of the countryside to come in wintertime.

As expected for October, farmers have set their land ready for winter, all quiet and still. Most fields were simply left since their harvest, with only a couple of fields under a cover crop. Noise included some birdsong – including skylarks, presumably retaining territory ready for next spring – and aircraft buzzing (roaring?) around Stansted airport. Through woodland, the slightly sweet smell of early-autumnal mulch rot hung in the air.

En route, the group decided that springtime was a better choice for this route, so elected to run the original route of 11 miles in May 2025.

3 members joined the optional pub stop at the end of the walk.


Optional pub stop

Words by Martin Thornhill. Pictures by Peter O’Connor.

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