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13Apr2019 Public Art from St Pancras to Paddington Stations

Event led by John T
Attendance: 37 men
Distance: 8.3 miles (13.4 km)
Time: start 11:14, end 16:56, lunch 38 minutes
Terrain: entirely on hardstanding
Elevation: start 19m, high 26m, low 15m
Weather: mainly dry, some light showers, sunny intervals, cold with hard windchill, felt like 3°C at times.
Expected number of art objects to see: 95.
Actual number of art objects seen: 90  (yes, artwork moves around and occasionally gets covered in scaffolding, etc).


This was an 8.3-mile linear walk in London, from London St Pancras railway station to London Paddington railway station via Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair and Hyde Park.

As with prior art walks, we are very thankful for walk leader John’s depth of research and re-testing of this walk to hunt down the works of art and to procure some backstory for those works which warranted it.

We were also quite pleased that Tracey Emin’s work suspended from the ceiling of St Pancras station excluded a bed.

Point of order to St Pancras station, by the way: dust the tops of the platform furniture, please.  It looks a right mess.

For a sample of the artworks seen, please refer to the links below.


Words by Martin Thornhill and Peter O’Connor.  Pictures by Peter O’Connor.

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