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08 February 2020: King’s Cross Station to London Bridge Station public art, monuments and memorials

Event led by John T
Attendance: 29 men
Distance: main route 9.8 miles (15.8 km)
Time: start 11:12, end 17:05, lunch 46 minutes
Terrain: pavement
Elevation: start 76m, high 101m, low 41m
Weather: overcast initially, then clear skies, 10°C, light wind, felt like 7°C
Number of sewage works: 0
Number of churches: pffft. Lost count.
Number of golf courses: 0
Target number of artworks to see: 110, of which we missed 19 artworks, saw 4 unlisted artworks, so actually saw 95 artworks.


This was a point-to-point walk of 9.8 miles (15.8 km) from London Kings Cross station to London Bridge Station in the traditionally crazy route of infinite zig-zags to find as much public art as possible.

As with prior art walks, we are very thankful for walk leader John’s depth of research and re-testing of this walk to hunt down the works of art and to procure some backstory for those works which warranted it.  This walk was John’s fourth art walk for Herts GOC.

The publication version of the list of artworks is available from here:

Details about the selection of arts in this event report:

  • Group shot (banner at top of page) featuring “Resolution” by Antony Gormley, 2007 (#62 on the list).
  • Bust of Noor Inayat Khan, by Karen Newman, 2012 (#16 on the list).
  • “Together Forever on Wheels”, by Gillie & Marc, 2019-20 (#23 on the list).
  • For a local(ish) connection to Hertfordshire, portrait sculpture of John Bunyan, by Richard Garbe, 1903 (#43 on the list).
  • “Taxi”, by John Seward Johson II, 1983 (#69 on the list).
  • “Globe with Slots”, by Paul Mount, 2007 (#80 on the list).
  • “Chris’s Hospital”, by Andrew F Brown, 2017 (#98 on the list).

More pictures are at


Words by Martin Thornhill.  Pictures by Peter O’Connor.

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