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Website Update

15 Oct 2018 | Club News

At the recent board meeting, webmaster Owen gave the trustees an in-depth demonstration of the new website. I am delighted to report that great progress has been made in dealing with the shortcomings that had been identified, and a number of further tweaks were agreed.

Concern was expressed that some group coordinators felt that the new website would place demands on them that they would find difficult to meet. In order to deal with this, we decided that a small team led by Jim Armitage would produce training materials and offer support to any group coordinator who needs it....
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Chairman Resigns

15 Oct 2018 | Club News

I regret to announce that Richard Dorling has resigned from the club’s board with immediate effect, citing irreconcilable differences between himself and the other trustees.

During his period as chairman, Richard worked tirelessly on the club’s behalf. With the assistance of successive treasurers Nick and Ned, he was instrumental in putting the club’s finances onto a far more secure footing, so that we are now in a position to invest in the club’s future. He also drove the project to replace the club’s website, which once again will benefit the club in the longer term....
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Winning Photo September

29 Sep 2018 | Club News

Title: The Old Gate on Black Sail Pass

This months photo was taken on the Black Sail event run by the Transpennine and Adventure Out Groups. Photos and report are by David Archer.

Event report can be read here

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An Unfortunate Occurrence

5 Sep 2018 | Club News

I am sorry to report that in early August I had a mini-stroke, resulting in me having to spend a few days in hospital. When I returned home, in consultation with my fellow board members, it was decided that I should step down from my post as AOG Organiser, by far the most demanding of my various roles, with immediate effect. The search to find a successor is now urgent. May I emphasise that whoever takes over will not have to do things as I did. Many of the clerical tasks can be delegated, and I will still be available to perform at least some of them if my successor wants me to....
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