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Womens group now available

You may already know that there is now a womens group on the website.
It is hoped this will be a really helpful facility.
All group co-ordinators will put their events in this group page, as soon as  at least one woman signs up to attend the specific event, so it's really important that all women sign up if you intend going to an event so other women can see clearly and be encouraged to join in.
This is particularly important for groups that abound each other like South Wales/West Wales and Devon/Cornwall for example and for women who are looking for longer events to attend, and want to be sure that other women will be there.
It will also be good for women finding the website for the first time, and they can make contact with me, if they have any questions or queries.
You have the choice of subscribing to this group or just be aware of it, and check it from time to time to see what events are listed so you can join in or if you fancy a holiday, check out the lovely places some other groups are exploring.
If you subscribe to the womens group, the events will be shown as well as your normal ones down the right hand side of the webpage and when this group is fully up and running, there may be too many events being shown on your individual pages which might make the list too long and confusing for some.
So the choice is yours, I am just making you aware of the womens group page and how it will work.

Please note that future women only events will ONLY be shown in the events in the womens group page and NOT on individual group pages so please get used to using and checking this facility regularly.
Womens Representative

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