Welcome to your new “Manage Events” function

With thanks to our GOC Website Developer Owen Morris, an update to the website has just gone live. This will affect logged-in members only, however: Reminder – everyone is encouraged to run events!

The "Submit an Event" section has been removed from the My GOC pages for all members, and replaced with "Manage Events".  This will allow the following:

  • Members can submit new events, with more details than currently available
  • Members can save events in draft form before submitting
  • Once approved, Members will be able to edit most details of published events they are leading - certain items, such as the event start/end times, type of event and groups will only be editable by Group Coordinators once published
  • Events can be saved as Drafts without all required fields completed, validation of required fields will only occur when an event is submitted for review, or published.
  • Draft events can be deleted (published events will need to be switched to Draft status before they can be deleted)
  • Group Coordinators can manage their Pending (submitted) events and upcoming events through the My GOC pages, rather than the Site Administration area.
  • Group Coordinators should receive email notification for any new submitted events, along with any time a member makes a change to a published event.

Most events can now be fully managed from the My GOC area, however, there may still be occasions where Group Co-ordinators need to use Site Administration (not accessible to other Members).  These include repeating old events, and setting up bookable tickets for an event rather than a simple show of attendance.

We hope that you find the new functionality helpful - please do let me know of any questions or feedback.

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