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Trustee Meeting Summary

For those of you who are interested in the changes being worked on in the club here is an overview of our meeting.

Website Upgrade - The club would benefit from a website re-design however we first need to put finances in place to cover the development. Website development on this scale takes tens of thousands of pounds so this will be a big task for the club.

Setting up as an Affiliate with Cotswold Outdoor - Cotswold Outdoor approached us offering a discount for members which we are actively pursuing.

Rebranding GOC - We looked at ways of improving the image of the club and we will be canvassing the members for suggestions.

Event Profiling - Event Groups will be added such as "Under 40", "Women", "Easy", "Moderate", "Difficult" etc. This will enable members to target events they are interested in.

Group Coordinator Questionnaire Task Force - A team has been set up to act on a the response to a questionnaire sent to GCs in 2015.

Lapsed Member Task Force - A team will be looking into member retention and recruitment

There will be lots more news on these as they are worked on and implemented. If anyone is interested in helping us on these initiatives please get in touch.

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