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Swansea Pride Saturday 4th May 2019

Swansea Pride had been revived here last year after a break of some years but we were unable to be there.

This year we took part in the parade through the City, waving our Gay Outdoor Club flags and banners and

we ended up at The Waterfront museum where we had a stall for the day.

There was lots of other stalls and a variety of entertainment taking place on the stage and it was lovely to see everyone smiling and having fun.

Lots of people had gathered on the streets to view the  Parade, with many of those visiting the museum later to enjoy all the celebrations.

We had lots of information about the Club on our stall and gave people lots of  information and also

encouraged people to sign up, giving us their email addresses so we could forward some further details in

the coming days to hopefully get some more Club members.

Many thanks to the people who came to help out, Neil, Steve, Gail, Russ, and Jim and his friend Sean.

We could have done with a few more volunteers but the people who were there, worked hard covering the stall all day and enjoying the atmosphere.


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