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Swansea Pride Hits the Dance Floor –The Results

Six GOC members from the South Wales and West Wales groups turned up to support Peter Kingsbury and Keith Milward who were competing in this dance event as an aperitif  leading up to the main Swansea Pride.

There were ten same sex couples taking part and the evening was presented just like the BBC Strictly programme on tv.

Each couple were introduced, and then while they made their way to the dance floor the audience were able to watch a small segment from their rehearsals.

All of the couples had put so much work into this, and had been practising for 8 weeks or so.

Peter and Keith were the fifth couple to dance and they had a real wow factor right from the start.

They had the audience on their feet by the end of their routine, yelling and clapping them on.

We then had an interval and another five couples had their turns, before the all important (audience) voting took place.

There was a long nail biting pause while the votes were counted and then just like the real thing, they announced the top three.

The first two acts were called forward and then . . . . . . . . . . . . Peter and Keith were also voted into the top three places.

The three couples then had to take to the floor again, dancing their routine again, for the panel of judges to have the final say.

Well, the audience went wild again, when Peter and Keith, not holding anything back, performed like true masters.

The judges were also well impressed and voted Peter and Keith the winners.

They were presented with a glittering trophy and then the celebrations began.

What a fabulous night this was, a very BIG well done to everyone taking part but especially our very own Peter and Keith.

They are now being regarded as minor celebrities in Swansea.

They are not charging too much for their autographs, yet!!


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