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Searching for events

We received a lot of feedback in the survey regarding the website, most of which was very positive with some suggested improvements.

The top request was to be able to search for members and contact them after an event. We are currently looking into this and there will be an opt out flag for those of you who would not want to be contacted.

We also discovered members had trouble finding either; event information, group information or contacts. Much of this functionality already exists and here is a brief guide.

Searching for Event Information: Menu option EventsSearch for Events - This page allows you to search for an event by distance from a location, by date, by group, by event type or a combination of any of these.

Group Information: Menu option Groups [a group] - These pages give you details of events, news and reports for the group. To have information about groups included in the email GOC Digest, go to My GOC (top right of your screen), scroll down to Add a group and select the groups to add. If you have included your location you can use the button Suggest Local Groups where you can select the groups close to your location.

Contacts: To contact Group Coordinators or Trustees use the menu option Contacts and select from the dropdown.

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