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Safety in the Hills

Have you ever thought of joining one of GOC’s more adventurous trips, but not been sure about what to expect or what sort of gear you might need?

Our new advice sheet Safety in the Hills provides some handy tips about this and similar issues, with links to more information from the British Mountaineering Council and others.

We’ve also added the following to our guidance to people organising walking events:

Event organisers should consider whether GOC's advice about Safety in the Hills is relevant and if so put the following statement in the Event Details: 'People intending to take part in this event should read GOC's document Safety in the Hills.' This will be applicable to any event that includes Mountain Walking and may also apply to other events in hilly and moorland areas.

Event organisers can put the statement into the Event Details by highlighting the text and then either:

  • right clicking on it, selecting copy and then pasting the text into the Events Details
  • pressing Ctrl and C together and then in the Events Details pressing Ctrl and V together to paste the text.

Any problems please contact me: [email protected]

Chris Loy

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