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Renewing your Direct Debit Mandate

When we moved to the new GOC website, our existing Direct Debit mandates were retained in our old database. It was not possible to transfer them to the new one. This means that along with the process for renewing joint memberships (covered in the item above), we also need assistance from all members who pay by direct debit to set up new direct debits on the new website.

If you have an active login ID for the old GOC website, it will work on the new GOC website. If we have a working email address for you, and your membership is due to expire at the end of April, we will be sending you a reminder and providing a link to go online and either establish a new direct debit, or pay via credit or debit card. This process is quick and easy. Please note that when you do this, the direct debit or debit/credit card transaction will go through within 5-7 days of your data entry, and will result in your membership being extended from 30/4/2019 to 30/4/2020.

If you do not have an active login ID for the old or new GOC website, we would once again encourage you to establish one. Besides the convenience of membership renewal and the benefits of not using paper, it reduces the work that GOC volunteers have to do to renew your membership. In order to establish your online account, please contact David Heard, the GOC membership secretary at [email protected] with a current email address, and he will link that with your membership account and assist you to log-in for the first time.

If you are unable to establish a new GOC website log‑in and renew your membership direct debit online, please write to membership secretary David Heard at the address shown on page 2, and confirm that the direct debit information that we have used in the past is still correct. We will then use the old manual direct debit system to process your membership renewal.

Thank you for your continued support of GOC, and for considering the steps to get a GOC website log‑in as this greatly improves the administration of the club, which is entirely run by volunteers.

Edward Voelcker, Treasurer

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