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Renewing Former Joint Memberships

As part of the move to the new GOC website there have been a number of changes to membership records. One of these has been to create two separate membership accounts for former joint members.

If, as part of your joint membership, you subscribed to the magazine, this has now been allocated to one of the joint members, so when you receive the magazine, only that member’s name will appear on the envelope.

There have not been any changes to membership fees, which are still £17.00 per person, plus an additional £20.00 if you wish to subscribe to the magazine.

When it is time to renew your membership, former joint members have the following options:

Go to the GOC website and each log-in separately to your individual account and pay the applicable membership fee (£17.00 without the magazine or £37.00 with the magazine) either by debit/credit card, or by setting up a direct debit (one per member).

If you did not previously log-in to the GOC website, or only had one email address attached to your former joint membership, please contact me, GOC membership secretary David Heard, at [email protected] . If you provide me with a current email address for each former joint member, I will link them to your membership accounts and assist you to log-in the first time.

If you subscribe to the magazine, you will be sent a renewal form a month prior to the renewal date. This gives you the additional option of returning the renewal form, together with a cheque payable to GOC. These have to be sent to the membership secretary at the address shown on the form. The cheque may be for more than one member provided that their names are clearly stated on the renewal form.

David Heard, Membership Secretary

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