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Pub Pride – 27th May 2022

Celebrate Pride locally on Friday 27th May

Pub Pride 2022

Pub Pride is an initiative by Ask For Clive campaign by empowering pubs to celebrate Pride with their local LGBTQ+ community, and show their commitment to inclusivity.

It’s a night for venues to celebrate their local LGBTQ+ community, and welcome Pride in their home town. Events will be throughout the UK.  Confirmed venues in Edinburgh, St Albans,  London West End and Isle of Wight to name but a few.

What you do on the night is up to you - live music, cabaret, karaoke, film screening, or just dressing up your Pub or Venue to show your support. We have worked with Pride Organisations, Pub Companies, BID teams and local councils to bring the event to life. Venues have sold special beers, cocktails, pizzas and cakes to raise funds for Pride Organizations. What can you do where you’re based? We’d love to have you on board, please reach out to us at [email protected] if you want to discuss further. They have a deadline for venues to sign up by April 4th.

This is an opportunity to have your local join and possibly plan an early evening walk and enjoy the celebrations at a Pub Pride venue.

Who are Ask for Clive

Ask for Clive is a charity that partners with venues to promote inclusion and to create welcoming environments for the LGBT+ community.  We work directly with local communities and venues, and collaborate with law enforcement on training and reporting initiatives.  

How does it work?  

  • Venues put the Ask for Clive sticker on their door to let people know that ‘Everyone is Welcome Here’ and that discrimination will not be tolerated 
  • We provide a briefing pack for venues to use to train staff in the event that any form of discrimination or hate crime is observed or reported

Pub Pride - May 27th

Ask for Clive wish for a successful Pub Pride and happy for Gay Outdoor Club to arrange events at venues that will be officially signed up.

Hertfordshire group will be having a early evening walk starting/finishing at an Independent Brewery owned country pub.  Launching a new beer for event.

This will be a opportunity for our community to celebrate.

For further information: you may contact Khris via [email protected] and I will co-ordinate with Ask for Clive  or you may wish to have your local register for event.



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