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Please Welcome the NEW Group Coordinator for ESSEX

Please join us in welcoming John Gregory to the role as the new Group Coordinator for ESSEX. Here he is shown overlooking the famously mountainous regions around Colchester .........

I asked him to say a few words : 

''I joined GOC in 2001, as I wanted to both do more walking and meet new friends.

I remember my first walk was about 15 miles, and easily the longest one I've ever done in GOC! I thought I'd need to get really fit to be a proper member of the group. So I was astounded when the next walk was only about half the distance of the first one! 

As time went on, I started doing the occasional walk with GOC in neighbouring counties, such as West Kent, Suffolk, London and Herts. It's good to attend other groups' walks and see how they are doing. I also started to lead walks for the Essex group. I love maps, so I enjoy planning walks and try to make them as interesting as possible.

I have made some good friends at GOC, and even sometimes go away on walking trips with other members.

I look forward to the role of Essex GC, and welcoming potential new members''

I am sure John would welcome as much help as possible from local group members, to help lead walks and events, please drop him a line, even if it is just to say hi !!


Good luck John!

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