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Information for ALL members regarding the “women” group

There is some confusion about the “women” group.
As women are in the minority in the Club, and numbers differ from group to group, it was decided a few years ago, to set up the “women” group, so that women members could see at a glance other events where women were attending.
This is particularly useful if groups are near each other and/or if women are looking for longer weekend events to attend so they can see if other women are attending.
Lots of women from all over the UK have met up at the women only weekend event we hold each year, who otherwise would not have made contact, enabling those women to feel able to meet up at any of the other events throughout the year.
GC's should be listing an event to the “women” group as soon as at least one woman has signed up to attend or if the leader of the walk is a woman.
Then any women can just go into the “women” group and see events from all groups, where women will be attending.
At present we just have the one “women only” weekend each year in April which will be clearly marked “women only” and this year is the second year that a walk on the Saturday of the AOG is a women only one and again this will be clearly marked.
All other events are open to all members.

So if an event is listed under “Surrey, women” it doesn't mean that only women from the Surrey group can attend, it means that the event is applicable to the Surrey group and also to the women group, as at least one woman has signed up to attend.
I hope that makes things clear.
Women's Representative.
Email: [email protected]

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