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The future of the Home Counties Midweek group

Our Home Counties Midweek Group started in September 2007, and regularly walked on the last Wednesday of each month.  In recent years our walks have become more erratic, and no walks have taken place for over a year.  Two walks are arranged for April, and another two for May 2021.

Although never one of GOC's bigger groups, initially the group attracted a good number of walkers, but we have failed to recruit new people to replace our older members who have retired.  It has also been difficult to find people who will commit themselves to lead walks.

Therefore the next four walks will be crucial to the group's continued existence. If we attract a sufficient number of walkers, and get volunteers to lead walks, we will continue.  However if  we fail to do this we will reluctantly cease to exist as a group, though it is possible that occasional midweek walks could be arranged under the auspices of another group.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years; we hope to see some of you again over the next couple of months.

Roy Vickery



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