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14 Feb 2017 | Skiing Group | Club News

GOC Skiing

Preparatory information

It is essential that we state clearly that GOC insurance does not cover you for any winter sports activity. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you ensure you have valid travel insurance (and do check in the terms and conditions that it covers you for the appropriate sport e.g. If you are planning to ski off-piste sometimes extra cover is required).
 If you are uninsured on the slopes there are many potential hazards:

* your own medical and recovery bills

* third party claims against you for damages etc.


I would recommend carrying a copy of your insurance paperwork on the slopes with you too. When travelling in Europe I always carry a EHIC card, which provides for some basic medical expenses when travelling outside Great Britain but within the EC. 


Other recommended  precautions are:

Always carry a (switched on and fully charged) mobile phone with you, and swap numbers with those skiing with you in case you become lost or injured

Always carry a piste map in your pocket in case of getting separated from others so that you can navigate your own way back. The piste map will also have the phone number for first aid and rescue services if ever you should need these.

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