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East Kent in Tier 4

Dear East Kent GOC group members.  I have pasted the following message for your attention from the chairman.  As you can see, we will have to cancel all walks in the near future.  I have taken off the walks for 27th Dec, 3rd and 31st of Jan for now.  Let us all hope that things improve as the vaccine is administered.  At present we do not have too many people offering to do events in 2021.  So if you are thinking of leading a walk on a date of your choosing or another activity, please let me know:

"Dear Group Coordinator,

Following the announcement yesterday from the UK government, it is now necessary for us to update our guidance regarding GOC events in the whole of the UK.  As always, we are guided in this respect by The Ramblers who are considered to be the governing body for walking as an organised recreational activity.

Looking at the countries one by one:

Wales:  Wales went into lockdown at 00.01 on 20/12/2020 therefore all our events in Wales are cancelled until further notice.

England:  the government announced a new Tier 4 on 19/12/20.  This is effectively the same as lockdown therefore all GOC events in Tier 4 are cancelled until further notice and people in Tier 4 areas are not allowed to travel to events outside their area.  Events in Tiers 1-3 can continue on the same Covid-secure basis as before.

Scotland:  Covid-secure group walks are exempt from the ‘rule of six’ under all Scottish Government protection levels.  However, if you live in Level 3 and 4 areas, group walks should remain inside your area, including during the walk itself.  People in Level 0, 1 or 2 areas must not travel to Level 3 or 4 areas for any type of walk but provided you take appropriate precautions you may travel through these areas before starting your walk.  Please check the GOC website to find out what walks are taking place.  Nobody should share cars with other households or use private hire vehicles, including coaches, regardless of where you live.

The Ramblers’ guidance can be found by following this link:

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news once again but I am sure this has come as no surprise to you.  I also want to say thank you for all the extra work you have done in this very difficult year and wish you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2021.

Best regards,

Julian Donald

Group Liaison"


I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a better New Year.


Stay safe,

Gary Taylor, East Kent group coordinator.

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