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Winning Photo July

15 Aug 2017 | Club News

This months winner was taken by Adam Roseveare and the view is of Crackington Haven with Soay sheep climbing the cliffs.
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50 Years Ago Today

27 Jul 2017 | Club News

Lets take a moment to remember the bravest of men and women who fought hatred and ignorance that set us on the path we now gently tread, 50 years ago today, bless them, bless them all.
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Searching for events

15 Jul 2017 | Club News

We received a lot of feedback in the survey regarding the website, most of which was very positive with some suggested improvements.

The top request was to be able to search for members and contact them after an event. We are currently looking into this and there will be an opt out flag for those of you who would not want to be contacted.

We also discovered members had trouble finding either; event information, group information or contacts. Much of this functionality already exists and here is a brief guide....
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The Future of Outdoors – Update 11th June

14 Jun 2017 | Club News

Back in April, we advised everyone that unless the board received an application to become the new editor of Outdoors by Saturday 10th June, the board would have to begin the process of winding the magazine down. I regret to tell you that this deadline has now passed and no application has been received. The process to wind down the magazine will therefore begin.

What this means in practice is that in August Tim will take me through the process of putting together the September issue. I will then take responsibility ...
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