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The activity club for gay men and women and their friends

Website Redesign Update

1 Sep 2018 | Club News

Owen has completed the core functionality and modified the appearance for multiple platforms. We are now concentrating on the virtuous cycle of testing, providing feedback, applying fixes and retesting.

We are in desperate need of more testers to extensively test the site as only 3 users have provided in-depth feedback to date. No computer system is bug free on release but we can reduce the number of issues at go live by having more testers on board. Do not assume someone else will do the testing or that using the website will be too difficult, we need your help. Contact for more details.

The Trustees will be meeting in early October and voting on whether a go-live date can be set for the website. If they are confident the project can move forward, preparations will be made for the website to be released in November 2018.

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