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4 Jul 2017 | Club News

Voting is now open for all of the resolutions put forward this year. We are encouraging members to vote online even if you are attending the AGM as this is the easiest way for us to count your vote. Simply follow the link below, fill in all of the required fields and submit your vote. Membership numbers will be checked on all methods of voting so you will only be able to vote once and duplicate votes will be discarded.

 Vote Online

We will be keeping discussions brief at the AGM as you have all been given the opportunity to put your views on the proposals in the GOC and Beyond Forum. If there are any other topics you would like to bring up you can start your own thread in the forum where the Trustees will be able to respond. We are always pressed for time at the AGM so please help by using the forums.

The Resolutions

We hope you understand the importance of increasing the membership fee and making the magazine self funding so that the club can continue to cover the daily running costs and we can invest in the club's future.

The Trustees believe that the Group Coordinators are key members of the club who put a lot of time and effort into making sure events run for our benefit. We can sometimes forget what they do for us on a regular basis and we now have the opportunity to thank them by giving them something in return; free membership whilst they hold the position of Group Coordinator. 

When discussing the proposed name change with members they are sometimes not aware of the reasons behind the change and use phrases like 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' or 'GOC is a well known international brand'. Let's dispel these myths and arm you with the facts before you cast your vote.

The club is currently in decline, losing around 3% of the membership each year and with an ageing demographic this trend will accelerate. The Trustees put a lot of time and effort into deciding how the club can be turned around from this trend of slow decline and have decided a name change and rebrand would help reach a modern audience. Put simply, the club is broke, it needs fixing.

When reaching out to gay organisations and clubs there is often a need to explain what GOC is and what we do. These are clubs set up to offer the same activities as GOC because they did not know about GOC or thought that it is a club for old men. GOC is known to you and your friends, but outside that circle, the club needs to promote itself and present a modern image to attract people of all ages.

'Adventure Out' is perceived as more inclusive within the LGBT+ community and gives a more modern image for people of all ages to relate to. The name is already liked within the club and lends itself to attracting a wider audience. There are no legal issues with using 'Adventure Out' and the group currently using Adventure Out on the GOC website can easily be updated to a new name.

The Trustees love the club as much as any member and ask that you support us in securing the club's future.

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