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Upcoming Changes and what Remains the Same

20 Sep 2017 | Club News

We have spent quite some time looking at the results of the survey and we have already touched on some of the findings at the AGM. It has been difficult to reach any hard and fast conclusions from the data provided because we have a very diverse membership and for every member who liked an aspect of the club or the website there were others who did not.

Members are happy with the variety of events put on but would like more events, especially walks. Having said that, a number of members would like to see other events organised through GOC (cinema, theatre, coffee meets, supper evenings etc). The good news is that 40% of respondents offered to volunteer for GOC so there should be plenty of members willing to put events on. The Trustees encourage anyone who wants to offer an event for GOC to contact their Group Coordinator or a Trustee who will help them with getting the event online.

A suggestion was made to separate out weekend events into accommodation and walks which would allow people to arrange their own accommodation. We will continue to ask event coordinators to do this and it will be in future guidelines for event coordinators. In cases where they don’t, please contact the Event Leader and discuss the possibility of joining events without taking the accommodation offered.

Survey feedback has resulted in the Trustees working on providing guidelines on what it means to be a GOC member, a Group Coordinator, an Event Leader and a Trustee. These guidelines will help people understand what it means to be a member of a club and that volunteering is not so hard or time consuming.

On our ongoing drive to increase membership, one of the most interesting findings was that the majority of members are recruited to GOC by existing members recommendation. We can all help with recruiting new members by encouraging our friends to join, talking enthusiastically about GOC at other clubs/events we attend and making sure people know of GOC. In this age of social media, having each of us following GOC on FaceBook or linking sites and people to the GOC website is a great way to spread the word.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the survey and congratulations to Martin Hastwell, Mark Parker and John Browne whose names were drawn for the John Lewis vouchers.

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